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Your Family Dentist in Durham, NC.

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About our Dentist Office

You deserve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Oak Grove Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is your local dental health resource for the long-term maintenance of your natural smile. Our team is dedicated to the unique needs and goals of each individual patient. We can help you enjoy a smile that looks and feels great.

Serving Durham, NC, and surrounding areas, we provide comprehensive dental services for children and adults, including advanced treatment options for damaged or missing teeth. We offer the dental care you need in a warm, caring environment.

Let us help you maintain the health of your smile with routine dental care. A healthy mouth is part of overall health and wellness. If you are looking for a new kind of dental experience focused on your unique needs, we welcome you to become a member of our dental family.


About our Dentist Office

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Oak Grove Family & Cosmetic Dentistry New Patients Welcome

Oak Grove Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides complete general, cosmetic and restorative dental care in Durham, NC. We welcome new patients and families to experience the difference that our personalized approach can make in the care of your smile.

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Solutions for Dental Concerns in Oak Grove

Invisalign in Durham, NC

Oak Grove Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can offer advanced dental health solutions for concerns about your smile. From damaged teeth to missing teeth and beyond, our dental care team works with patients to solve dental problems with a personalized, compassionate approach.

Dentistry in Durham for a Confident Smile.

We understand the changing needs of growing and aging smiles. Regular visits with us will help you to enjoy a lifetime of oral health and wellness- and a confident smile.

Restorative Dental Care

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