Fixed or Removable Dental Bridges?

If you are missing three or more teeth in a row, a dental bridge could be the ideal tooth replacement solution for you. Treating missing teeth is crucial to restoring your oral function and preventing further dental damages.

However, some patients are unsure whether they should use a removable device or a fixed implant when it comes to a bridge. Dr. Erika Graham, a dentist located in Durham, NC, describes the pros and cons of choosing either a fixed or removable dental bridge for your tooth replacement treatment.

implant supported dental bridge Durham North Carolina

Removable Dental Bridge Prosthetic

Many dental patients choose a removable dental bridge to replace their missing teeth. The device is affordable when compared to the implant dentistry procedure, and many people appreciate the ability to remove the bridge when not in use.

This type of bridge can have a few drawbacks. Because it is not fixed, food particles can get caught in or underneath the appliance. This increases the patient’s risk for tooth decay in surrounding teeth or gum disease.

The removable bridge also comes with some dietary restrictions. Crunchy or hard foods could damage this device, so you will have to avoid these types of foods to protect your tooth replacement solution.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

An implant-supported dental bridge is fixed into place, so these patients can appreciate restorative benefits with their tooth replacement that can last a lifetime. They will not have to worry about the device slipping out of place at inopportune moments.

The implant also improves a patient’s jawbone health because the anchor of a bridge prosthetic extends below the gumline. This stimulates the bone and keeps it healthy so that it will not deteriorate. It can also encourage the regrowth of bone that may have already been lost.

This type of bridge can be more expensive than a removable one. It will require more recovery time as the implant must be surgically placed into a patient’s jaw. However, with patience and dedication to the process, the fixed bridge can provide more extensive oral health benefits than a removable bridge.

Dental Bridges and More Tooth Replacements in Durham, NC

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