Why Visit a Family Dentist?

When you think of a family dental practice, you likely picture a dentist’s office that caters to pediatric patients and their guardians. Family dentistry offers convenience for these patients so that they can all be seen in one location. But these types of dentists can provide benefits to patients of all ages.

The approach of a family dentist can ensure you receive optimal dental care and the ideal experience in their office. Dr. Erika Graham, a dentist located in Durham, NC, lists three ways that a family dental practice can benefit a patient of any age and background.

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Advantages of Family Dentistry

We Put Patient Comfort First

Young children may feel apprehensive about being in the dentist’s chair. Their nerves can make them fidgety and uncomfortable. Our family dental practice wants children to feel calm and safe in our office, so our staff is trained to keep pediatric patients relaxed during their dental work.

This expertise applies to adult and senior dental patients too. Patients of any age may feel nervous about upcoming dental procedures, so we maintain open communication during every step of your treatment. If you prefer, you may also ask our dental team about sedation dentistry options that can help you relax with the help of specialized and safe medication.

We Stay Prepared for Any Dental Needs

Children can be unpredictable, which means they may be prone to accidents that could lead to a dental emergency. Your family dentist’s office has the appropriate equipment and expertise to assist your child with any dental needs, whether they have a toothache or have experienced an injury to their tooth.

We can help adult patients with their unique dental scenarios as well. Each patient has their own distinct dental structure, so we attune our treatments to suit every patient as needed. Senior patients may have additional concerns, and we can help with these issues too.

We Provide Comprehensive Oral Health Care

Though our family dental practice can provide emergency dentistry services, we hope we can establish long-term relationships with our patients so that they can come to our office for preventative dental care. This can include routine dental cleanings and exams which can help patients, young and old, avoid developing severe dental damage.

When patients visit us for regular appointments, we can monitor potential problems and provide treatment before they cause major harm or uncomfortable symptoms. With more prior knowledge about our patients’ medical history, we can also offer effective comprehensive oral health care that can help patients’ smiles look and feel their best for a long time.

Find a Family Dental Practice in Durham, NC

Oak Grove Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers both preventative and emergency dental services to patients in Durham, NC. Dr. Graham specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including periodontal care, for patients of all ages. To schedule an appointment with our practice, contact our office by phone at 919.899.4467 or reach our staff online.