Benefits from Cosmetic Bonding

Have you noticed minor flaws in the appearance of your teeth? You do not have to feel self-conscious. You can find cosmetic dental treatments from your dentist that will give you the smile of your dreams.

Teeth bonding involves sculpting composite resin according to your aesthetic goals and curing it to remain on your teeth. With individualized application from a dentist, you can get unique smile enhancement that suits you specifically. Read on to learn four of the many benefits that tooth bonding treatment can offer for your smile.

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How Can Teeth Bonding Enhance the Look of My Smile?

Brighten Teeth Color

Over time, your teeth color may change, become yellow, stained, or dull. Dark-colored foods and drinks can contribute to this discoloration, but it may also occur due to medication side effects or aging.

If you want to make the color of your teeth whiter or more even, your dentist can use tooth-colored bonding to brighten your teeth. The resin is susceptible to staining, so you may want to limit foods and beverages that contain staining agents to preserve your cosmetic dental work.

Fill Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between your teeth can disrupt the look of your smile. They could also pose a risk to your oral hygiene and therefore your dental health. Food can get trapped in these gaps, hurting your teeth as they linger in your smile.

You can preserve the health and appearance of your teeth by filling these gaps with tooth bonding. The resin will make your smile look fuller and more enhanced. A final polish ensures that your smile will appear both gorgeous and natural after this treatment.

Even Out Irregular Teeth

Though durable, your teeth may wear down over time, especially if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. This may give your teeth an irregular shape that will hinder the look of your smile.

A dentist will sculpt malleable resin where needed to give your smile an individualized and beautiful finish. This treatment will make your smile appear more even if a tooth has grown misshaped. Your dentist may also recommend therapies to address tooth grinding and clenching behavior too.

Amend Small Teeth Breakage

Impact trauma or biting into a hard-textured food item can cause your strong teeth to chip, crack, or fracture. These injuries will affect the way that your smile looks. They can also worsen or deepen if you do not seek prompt treatment from your dentist.

Tooth breakage could put your teeth at risk of infections and other dental harm. Severe tooth injuries may need a restorative treatment like a dental crown to amend. Smaller chips and cracks can be amended using tooth bonding.

The dentist can cover these minor breakages to make the tooth appear whole once again. This will also create a seal protecting the vulnerable interior of the tooth from decay and other issues that could infiltrate a chip or crack.