Extend Your Teeth Whitening Benefits

Your teeth may become dull, yellow, or stained over time, sometimes due to factors beyond your control. You can talk to your dental professional to brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening.

Once you enhance your smile with this procedure, you will likely want to preserve these effects for as long as possible. Dr. Erika Graham, a dentist located in Durham, NC, provides tips for keeping your smile bright after teeth whitening treatment from your dentist.

whiten your smile in Durham North Carolina

Avoid Substances That Stain

Though your teeth can become stained due to aging, medication side effects, or other elements that a patient cannot help, it may also occur by consuming substances that contain staining agents. Even after a professional teeth whitening treatment, your teeth may lose their newly enhanced color if exposed to these items.

For this reason, you should limit, avoid, or take care when eating or drinking dark-colored foods, including red wine, coffee, and tea. Tobacco can also negatively impact the appearance of your teeth, so you should steer clear of this habit to preserve your smile.

Continue Good Oral Hygiene Practices

When you practice good oral hygiene, including brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing daily, you can keep your smile looking its best. Using effective toothpaste and a proper brushing technique will help you remove surface stains from your enamel.

Removing plaque with your oral hygiene regimen will also ensure your teeth remain strong enough to resist dental damage that could harm the appearance of your smile. This will allow the effects of your whitening treatment to last longer.

Visit Your Dentist for Routine Cleanings

A crucial step in your oral hygiene routine should include regular visits to your dentist’s office. During these appointments, your dentist cleans plaque from hard-to-reach spots in your mouth to further improve the durability and look of your smile.

Your dental professional will also evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, spotting potential problems early and providing prompt treatment that will help you maintain your gorgeous smile. You may also use this opportunity to discuss touch-up treatments if you notice the effects of your whitening procedure beginning to fade.

Whiten Your Smile and More in Durham, NC

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